Efficient & Effective Warehouse Layout Mapping

Warehouse mapping and layout play a key role in the overall performance of your organisation, whether you are in the manufacturing or distribution industry. With a robust warehouse setting total daily order processing output can significantly increase with even less resources required. All that is needed is a coordinated, well planned and more often than not simple warehouse bin mapping. Having a robust warehouse mapping is also important from a Work Health and Safety perspective. It reduces risks to injury and picker fatigue and stress.


There are various ways that implementing an efficient and effective warehouse mapping can be done. However, using historical routing and order processing data often yields great results. This is often referred to as Warehouse Activity Profiling. WAP helps answer some basic but sometimes difficult to answer questions like: what product should be stored where and why? Order picking routing start point and end point? What should be the width and length of picking aisles? WAP also contributes in making warehouse labour requirement decisions.


When combined with Process Activity Mapping (PAM), hidden non value adding activities are identified and removed. Doing so improves order picking cycle time and enhances your organisation’s productivity and performance. There are 2 basic ways that WAP can be done: Customer Order Profiling and Product Activity Profiling. The best method to be choosen out of the 2 above depends on your organisation and the type of industry you are operating within. It also depends on your strategic priority in processing either production Work Orders or external Customer Orders. If you are interested in enhancing the performance and productivity of your current warehouse, please by all means get in touch with us today and we will help you do just that

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