At Smyna, we realise that to serve our clients best, we need to keep up with current supply chain trends, as a result we devote a significant amount of time in supply chain related researches. The speed of change in the global business environment today is such that doing the same thing over and over again does not guarantee the same result. That is also why we at Smyna are always undergoing research to keep abreast of the most current topics and practices. Below is a list of upcoming research to be published 

"Ten Supply Chain Holy Grails."

"Organisational Juhari Window: A supply Chain Perspective ."

"Frugal Innovation Thinking: An essential  Approach to Competitiveness for Supply Chain Firms"

"Supply Chain Best practices From an Open Innovation Perspective, have they Evolved?"

"Organisational  value adding knowledge and skill base: Shifting the Paradigm to one of a Knowledge-Heat Approach"

"Operant & Operand View of Excel Formulas:The Mystery of Super Complex Formulas Unravelled"

Supply Chain Consulting


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