Forecasting, Demand and Supply Planning


Demand Forecasting accuracy is vital to all manufacturing companies, inaccuracies in demand forecasting can become one of the culprits of your inventory woes and poor DIFOT  resulting in lost customers and increase inventory holding cost, write-offs and obsolesces. Smyna forecasting, demand and supply planning consultants can be of help to your organisation in implementing effective forecasting, demand and supply planning techniques that suits your budget. 

Value Chain Mapping


Are you keen on reducing cost by eliminating non value adding processes, identifying hidden factory and activities and eliminating them? Smyna professionals can help you do just 

Export Market Penetration Readiness


Is your organisation is thinking about expanding its market space by exploring export opportunities. Through our in-depth knowledge of international business leading practices and our B2B networks we can help you do just that

Process Development, Process Mapping and Implementation


Processes play a big role on your products’ standard and average cost, at Smyna we can help you in designing, developing and implementing processes that provide the shortest possible cycle times, help reduce product standard and average cost and add to your organisational productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Change Management


with every new initiative like any of the ones mentioned above, effectively managing the transition is essential to an organisation. Smyna will help your organisation to properly manage the human factors and soft issues during the change period and influence employees’ buy-ins which translates to continued productivity during such transitional period with minimal cost tom your company. 

Leading Procurement Strategy and Practices

Whether you are a manufacturing or a distribution organisation, effective procurement practices and strategy contribute significantly to your bottom-line. Employing leading sourcing practices, supplier evaluation and management are all central to your competitiveness.

Supply Chain Consulting


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