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Product freshness, low obsolesces, tight institutional food regulations, demand responsiveness, and flexibility, these are all critical to the food and beverage industry. As such organisations that operate within the food and beverage industry are constantly under pressure from a performance perspective. The primary foundation for a well performing food and beverage organisation is built on healthy supply chain processes. This is no easy task as the combination of all the above seem literally contradictory. However, that does not mean it cannot be done as evidence point to successful implementation of a hybrid supply chain systems by a number of organisations. A supply chain system or processes built with the above focus is becoming more popular and is known as a hybrid supply chain. That is simply put: a supply chain system that integrates lean supply chain strategy and a responsive and agile supply chain to meet business goals and at the same time fulfil customer requirements. The fact is, as the changes in business environment continue to evolve the need for hybrid supply chains become more evident not only for organisations within the food and beverage industry but also across all manufacturing, distribution and logistics industry. Such processes require highly effective, knowledge concentrated, value adding supply chain professionals to deliver an organisation the required functional best practice that will lift its competitive advantage. To be successful, the robustness of the Integrated Business Planning, Demand Management, Supplier and Customer Collaboration processes need to be second to none. Are you in the food and beverage industry? Want to learn more on how we can help your organisation perform better? Or want to know more on how we can help your organisation start building a hybrid supply chain? Get in touch with us today.

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